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BANNEDcamp: Bandcamp deletion and my personal Solemn Field comp offer

Hi all, Just a quick post to let people know I have permanently deleted my Bandcamp account, and to communicate an offer of compensation for anyone who purchased an album they no longer have access to as a result of this. Why Since being acquired recently by new owners, they have laid off half their workers, described by the bandcamp workers' union as heartbreaking, also recently highlighting that it disproportionately laid off its black workers.

The whole point of this platform in my eyes was it being a direct, open, fair and equitable way for artists to release music and sell merchandise straight to their fans. There is nothing open, fair or equitable about it if it behaves like this to its workers. I have been on the receiving end of companies "restructuring" in the past, and so have plenty of my wonderful, talented, personal friends and colleagues in education and music. I also have experience in trying to get companies to recognise trade unions and the struggles involved in trying to fight these types of mass layoffs. I am aware of the immense personal, life-changing effect these types of decisions have on hardworking people who are almost always more responsible for a company's success, and survival than any executive. This morning I remembered that I did have some merch and releases on this platform, and even a link to that at the bottom of my homepage on this site. So, I deleted my artist, and fan accounts on Bandcamp. For an artist/musician as comparatively small beans as myself, this is unlikely to be of much note and for me, this is more about a personal choice as to how I want to operate. But I am aware this will affect a small number of people for whom I am grateful for their support. Therefore: In This Solemn Field Some folk have purchased things that they only had access to on Bandcamp, mainly the 2011 album In This Solemn Field for which there are currently no other ways to listen to this record.

If you were someone who ever purchased In This Solemn Field on Bandcamp and no longer has access to that album: please email me via the contact page I still have some physical CD copies of this record I will post out for free to you as compensation - and as a thank you for buying the album whenever you did in the past. If anyone wants to support the workers at Bandcamp, here is their union's linktree which includes more info, a petition, and a number of other ways to support them. In the meantime, I'll be taking some time to see if I still know where the masters are for Solemn Field, and will be looking into other means of distribution in general for the rest of my output, records and merch that I am personally responsible for distributing.

In solidarity and all the best, Mike

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